Cottesloe in Minchin flick

Cottesloe will star with Tim Minchin in a TV series that will be part filmed in the beachside suburb over a week in December. “Do we know the plot?” councillor Lorraine Young said on Tuesday night. “It wouldn’t be good if it was like The Amityville Horror,” Councillor Helen Sadler agreed: “Or something to do with sharks,” she said. Deputy mayor Mark Rodda was worried serial killer Eric Cooke might be there.


Save Subi is taking its density fight to protect Subiaco directly to the politicians who will make the fi nal decisions on the future of the city. Its members have met politicians from all sides and are taking up a petition to persuade the Legislative Council to investigate “the disjointed and really disturbing process” that has led to the biggest upheaval in Subiaco in nearly 40 years and increases dwelling density by 50%.